Clinical Biochemistry Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF

Clinical Biochemistry Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF

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Th is is the ninth edition of the book that first appeared under the authorship of Professor Gordon Whitby, Dr Alistair Smith and Professor Iain Percy-Robb in 1975.
Changes to the medical teaching curriculum and pressures on teaching time have reduced or even abolished teaching courses that focus exclusively on clinical biochemistry. Instead, the discipline is integrated into systems-based teaching at all levels of the medical curriculum. Whilst this has many advantages in placing the material in a holistic, clinical context it is also very valuable to bring together teaching material on clinical biochemistry. This textbook attempts to do that. In one volume can be found a wealth of information on the biochemical basis of many diseases, the selection of biochemical diagnostic tests and their interpretation. To that end, the book is highly relevant to the medical student throughout the whole training period and as a reference for the qualified doctor. Moreover, other health professionals, such as nurses who take on specialist roles in defined clinical areas, should also find the book helpful. In addition, we believe it would be of value to specialist registrars, clinical scientists and biomedical scientists who are studying for higher qualifications to pursue a career in clinical biochemistry and metabolic medicine.
In this edition, the number of clinical cases has been increased and these have been integrated into the text rather than collected at the end of each chapter. Th e order of chapters has been kept the same but we have taken the opportunity to update the material and to try to present it more clearly. Th e MCQs that featured at the end of the last edition have been gathered on-line and a detailed commentary provided on the reasons for the ‘true’ and ‘false’ answers to each question. An on-line resource also collects together the key points for each chapter.
As with previous editions, we are indebted to our colleagues for contributing to this latest revision. We would particularly like to thank Maria Squires, Mike Crane, Neil Syme and Neil Squires for reading and commenting on some of the chapters in this new edition. Dr Allan Deacon kindly helped with his views on the investigation of porphyria. We would also like to express our thanks to the staff at Wiley for their continued interest and support towards this title since its appearance in 1975.

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lecture notes clinical biochemistry 9th edition pdf
lecture notes clinical biochemistry 9th edition