Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF

Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF

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My appreciation goes to the many faculty and students who have used this dissector. Its wide acceptance not only in the United States but in foreign countries as well has been most gratifying. Several significant changes have been made. One is that in the first edition, dissection of the posterior triangle of the neck (which contains the neurovascular structures for the upper limb) was introduced just prior to dissections on the pectoral girdle and upper limb. In subsequent editions, the posterior triangle of the neck was shifted to the section on neck and head dissections (29) just prior to the anterior triangle dissection. This change was made only because most courses use this latter dissection sequence and not because it especially makes better anatomic sense.
Since publication of the first edition of this dissector, new editions of the Grant’s, Netter’s, and Rohen atlases have appeared. Thus, the 3rd edition is now cross-referenced with the new 6th edition of the Clemente atlas, the 12th edition of the Grant’s atlas, the 4th edition of Netter, and the 7th edition of Rohen. Many new figures have been introduced, several of which have come from the 30th American edition of Gray’s Anatomy, which I edited and which appeared in 1985. Many positive comments have been received from course chairs that each dissection is a separate “chapter” in the book, making it easy in their assignments to the students. This format has also been appreciated by chairs whose courses do not include dissections of the entire body or, perhaps, even certain dissections within specific body regions.
I have also attempted to edit some descriptive material in the various dissections and have added paragraphs on clinical relevance. My appreciation again goes to Professor Gene Colborn for several drawings in this book, along with artists Jill Penkhus and Patricia Vetter. At Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, my appreciation is extended to Ms. Betty Sun and especially to Ms. Crystal Taylor and Ariel Winter. At UCLA my many thanks are extended to my Gross Anatomy colleagues Professors Shaleen Metten, Robin Fisher, Guido Zampighi, David Hovda, Charles Olmstead, Anna Taylor, Yau Shi Lin, Jayc Sedlmayer, and Francesco Chiappelli for their suggestions and for their use of this book in their courses.

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