Chronic Pain 2nd Edition PDF – A Primary Care Guide to Practical Management

Chronic Pain 2nd Edition PDF

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Patients with chronic pain present a unique set of challenges to the primary care physician, who must first recognize and accept the difficult and complex constellation of problems often encountered in these patients. When confronted with patients suffering from pain, it is important to recognize three common but false myths about chronic pain:
1. Patients with chronic pain are easy to manage.
2. Chronic pain is easily relieved with just a pill.
3. As pain improves, associated problems (e.g., depression, disability, relationship issues) will spontaneously resolve.
The clinical management of chronic pain is frequently requested by patients seeing primary care physicians, although most medical schools provide little background for dealing with these often complex patients. Patients with chronic pain typically report a diversity of complaints, including pain, sleep abnormalities, mood disturbance, and interference with personal, social, and work relationships. Lack of easily identified pathology in patients who report disabling symptoms may result in conflicts between patients and their treating clinicians. In addition, managing chronic pain generally requires assessment and treatment of pain, associated symptoms, and disability.

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