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ABC of Headache PDF


ABC of Headache PDF 3MB PDF    Free Download Here Table of Contents 1 Approach to Headaches, 1 Anne MacGregor 2 Migraine, 9 Anne MacGregor 3 Tension-type Headache, 15 Anne MacGregor 4 Cluster Headache, 20 David W. Dodick 5 Medication Overuse Headache, 24 David W. Dodick 6 Menstrual Headaches, 28 …

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ABC of Epilepsy PDF


ABC of Epilepsy PDF 4MB PDF    Free Download Here Table of Contents  1 What is Epilepsy? Incidence, Prevalence and Aetiology, 1 W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C. Walker 2 Describing and Classifying the Condition, 4 Colin D. Ferrie and Matthew C. Walker 3 Making the Diagnosis – Taking a …

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