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Case Studies

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Within the educational environment exists the goal to assist students in linking basic knowledge to dental hygiene care that is evidence based and patient centered. With the constantly evolving knowledge base and changing technologies, dental hygiene faculty are challenged to incorporate educational technologies that exceed knowledge acquisition and focus on critical decision making. This book is intended to provide dental hygiene educators with a ready-made bank of cases upon which to build meaningful learning activities for the students.
Health care educators are fully cognizant that effective clinical judgment comes from experience. It is the use of real-life situations that encourages student analysis and decision making in areas relevant to professional practice. During the course of their formal education, dental hygiene students may be exposed to only a small spectrum of cases they might encounter in the real world. The diversity of the cases in this text provides an avenue for simulating experiences students might not encounter in their education.
Case Studies in Dental Hygiene, Third Edition, is designed to guide the development of critical thinking skills and the application of theory to care at all levels of dental hygiene education—from beginning to advanced students. This textbook is designed to be used throughout the dental hygiene curriculum. Because the questions and decisions regarding treatment of each case span the dental hygiene sciences and clinical practice protocols, this book will find a place in enhancing every course required of dental hygiene students. Introducing this text at the beginning of the educational experience may help the students realize early on the link between theory and patient care. Students then progress through the program with a heightened awareness of evidence-based practice.

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