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Cardiology Core Curriculum


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One could legitimately ask, “Why another book about cardiology and what is its focus?”
The idea for this book arose out of a series of postgraduate extramural educational courses jointly sponsored by UT Southwestern Medical Center and the American College of Cardiology entitled Clinical Cardiology Management and Diagnostic Dilemmas, starting in 1996. The format has been a series of 30 minute overview lectures, followed by an interactive discussion of case studies between the attendees (cardiologists, primary care providers, nurses, cardiology trainees, and medical technicians) and an expert panel, led by a UT faculty cardiologist facilitator. This has been a popular educational format, and has provoked intense, thoughtful, and lively discussion. The attachment of core curriculum to the discussion of interesting clinical problems has mirrored the way many physicians trained, building their knowledge by asking questions or reading about cases they encountered. This is what we have tried to capture in this book.
All of the senior chapter authors are experienced clinicians, and educators, who were asked to develop a text composed of essential clinical information amplified by discussion of actual patient cases. Some have been joined in this task by cardiology trainees. Therefore, this book is not encyclopedic, and it is not a book of lists. The text is intended to cover essential information on common cardiovascular diseases, and the case histories will allow the reader to see how mature clinicians approach problems and incorporate differential diagnosis and, when appropriate, practice guidelines and examination findings into patient care.

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