Cardiac Electrophysiology 2 – Advanced Visual Guide PDF

Cardiac Electrophysiology 2 - Advanced Visual Guide PDF

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Cardiac Electrophysiology 2 : An Advanced Visual Guide for Nurses, Techs, and Fellows…is just that—a more advanced examination of electrophysiology as compared to the first edition. Although it is still intended for allied health professionals, technologists, and EP fellows, it builds upon the basic concepts highlighted in the previous book. Therefore, a solid understanding of “basic” electrophysiology is assumed.
The tracings presented are very much “every-day” observations. The cases are designed to guide you towards a more in-depth understanding of cardiac electrophysiology and encourage you to pursue further readings on the concepts introduced.
This book is designed as a “workbook.” Each case begins with a tracing paired with some background clinical information and a question or challenge. Turning the page reveals the same tracing with arrows and other clues that highlight the key aspects of the tracing. The final page of each case contains a full explanation of each of the key learning points in the tracing.

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