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Building upon our original vision, the second edition of A Brief Atlas of the Human Bocjy features 51 soft tissue images and 104 bone images providing a degree of clarity and scale that could never be achieved within a textbook alone . In addition, this edition includes a brand new section, histology of basic tissues and select organs , containing 55 outstanding histology slides photographed by Nina Zanetti of Siena College.
Elaine Marieb chose many of the soft tissue views. Matt Hutchinson, of Washington State University , took on the arduous task of labeling each structure. Jon Mallatt, co-author of the human anatomy text, scrutinized and approved the views , leaders , and labels. References to related atlas images herein can be found in the illustration figure legends of both the human anatomy and the human anatomy and physiology textbooks.
For this edition, Patricia Brady Wilhelm, co-author of the human anatomy text reviewed each photograph for accuracy and chose several new soft tissue images from the collection of Mark Nielsen and Shawn Miller of the University of Utah. She also worked to choose all of the slides included in the histology portion of the Atlas to represent the most useful selection of histology plate, for students in the classroom.
Ralph T. Hutchings, formerly with The Royal College of Surgeons of England, photographed each of the bone structures and many of the soft tissue images found in this book. His reputation as an anatomical photographer preceded him, and we certainly were not disappointed-the quality of his work is here for all to see. We are most grateful to him for lending his expertise to this project, and for his good humor and ready willingness to meet our demands. We are grateful to John Martinek of Kirkwood Community College, who contributed his excellent photograph of the internal surface of the stomach (Figure 6ga).

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