Biomedical Science Lecture Notes PDF

Biomedical Science Lecture Notes PDF

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The medical curriculum has undergone significant change in recent years. Most noticeably, it has broadened, even since we started at medical school early in the twenty-first century. As students we noticed that the vast majority of textbooks for medical sciences focused on a very narrow area, often at a level of detail far beyond what we required. We have endeavoured to provide a resource of the essential facts, without too much additional detail.
The book follows the areas of medical science in which tomorrow’s doctors are examined. It follows the Lecture Notes format of short prose and bullet points. Many of the illustrations have been kept intentionally concise so that they can be reproduced by the students in an exam or as an aide memoire.
The book helps draw together the various areas of medical science. We hope that this will help the consolidation of knowledge gained from more detailed works, thus drawing together the knowledge we are all required to understand as medical students and as doctors.
First, I would like to thank my four co-authors who wrote significant portions of particular chapters in this book: Sarah Cook (Endocrinology and Reproduction), CatherineHildyard(Neuroscience), David McCartney (Physiology and Pharmacology) and ImogenStaveley(Anatomy). In additionto their skills and expertise as applied to those chapters, their comments on the book as a whole have been instrumental in shaping it. Furthermore, their support and persistent endeavour in this project has been greatly appreciated.
Second, I would like to acknowledge the senior editorial team: Profs. Christopher Lote, Paola Domizio and Donal McNally. The other student authors and I had little idea of the task we were undertaking when we began this project; their insight and advice has been enormously helpful. Third, I am grateful for the input and support of Miss Rebecca Anderson, Mr Jonathan Best, Mr David Grant, Miss Rachel Humphreys, Dr Michael Lyons, Mr Stuart Lyons, Mrs Young-Ja Lyons, Mr Samuel Offer, Mr Jack Pottle, Miss Charlotte Seymour, Miss Claire Strauss, Miss Rebecca Ting, Miss Laura Watts and Sub-Lt Dr Timothy Wills, and (though they were unaware of their assistance) all the members of 2009 Tingewick Firm. They have all helped in some way with the preparation of this manuscript.
Finally, it has been a pleasure to work with Laura Quigley, Beth Bishop and all the staff at Wiley-Blackwell who have aided and assisted us through what has been a long creative process. Special thanks must be reserved for Karen Moore – she has been directly involved in both the development and production of this project since its inception. Her advice and cooperation have been truly invaluable.

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