Behavioural Methods in Consciousness Research PDF

Behavioural Methods in Consciousness Research PDF

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The past two decades have seen a surge of interest in the topic of consciousness, with the result that the research literature has expanded greatly. However, until now, there has been little consensus on just which methods are the most effective for the study of consciousness. As a result, a wide range of experimental paradigms have been employed, sometimes making it different to compare and contrast experimental findings.
‘Behavioural methods in consciousness research’ is the first book of its kind, providing an overview of methods and approaches for studying consciousness. The chapters are written by leading researchers and experts, who describe the methods they actually use in their own studies, along with their pitfalls, problems, and difficulties.
For all students and researchers embarking on research in this area – and even seasoned researchers – this book is a valuable source of information in helping them design, perform, and analyse scientifically rigorous experiments.

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