Basic Statistics and Epidemiology 4th Edition PDF – A Practical Guide

Basic Statistics and Epidemiology 4th Edition PDF

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Th is book is offered as a basic primer in basic statistics and epidemiology, and focuses on their practical use rather than just theory.
Th e topics are relevant to a wide range of health professionals, students and anyone with an interest in medical statistics, public health, epidemiology, healthcare evaluation or who just needs to refresh previous learning.
It is aimed at people who want to grasp the main issues with minimum fuss. With this in mind, the avoidance of too much detail has been crucial. Aft er reading this book, however, you might want to find further publications that give more detail, to enhance your knowledge. With this in mind, a further reading section has been added near the end.
Th is edition has been updated and includes new chapters on data checking and effect size, and an updated evidence- based healthcare section. Two new exercises have also been added, allowing you to further test your understanding. Th e chapters and exercises use practical examples, and full step- by- step instructions have been provided for most calculations.
I realised a long time ago that no single book can match everyone’s individual learning style, so I cannot realistically promise that you will like it. But I have tried to produce a book that is accessible, using plain language and assuming no previous statistical knowledge. For this reason, I hope it will have some significance for you!

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