Basic Immunology 5th Edition PDF – Functions And Disorders Of The Immune System

Basic Immunology 5th Edition PDF

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The fifth edition of Basic Immunology has been revised to include recent important advances in our understanding of the immune system and to organize and present information in order to maximize its usefulness to students and teachers. The previous editions have been enthusiastically received by students in the many courses that we and our colleagues teach, and we have not wavered from the guiding principles on which the book has been based through all the past editions. Our experience as immunology teachers and course directors has helped us to judge the amount of detailed information that can be usefully included in introductory medical school and undergraduate courses and the value of presenting the principles of immunology in a succinct and clear manner. We believe a concise and modern consideration of immunology is now a realistic goal, largely because immunology has matured as a discipline and has now reached the stage when the essential components of the immune system and how they interact in immune responses are understood quite well. As a result, we can now teach our students, with reasonable confidence, how the immune system works. In addition, we are better able to relate experimental results, using simple models, to the more complex but physiologically relevant issue of host defense against infectious pathogens. There has also been exciting progress in applying basic principles to understanding and treating human diseases.

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