Basic Guide to Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Care Professionals PDF

Basic Guide to Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Care Professionals PDF

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This book is one of the ‘Basic Guide’ series published by Wiley-Blackwell. ‘Dental Care Professional’ (DCP) is the title given to all members of the oral health care team besides the dentist, who are involved in some way in the care and/or treatment of the patient. The title includes all of the following:
• Dental nurses, including those with extended duties
• Dental hygienists
• Dental therapists
• Clinical dental technicians
Each category of registerable members has a specific role to play in assisting the patient to achieve and maintain a good standard of oral health. Without exception, however, they all need to have an adequate level of knowledge and understanding in the key areas of anatomy and physiology, in relation to dentistry and dental treatment, to be able to carry out that role.
This book has been written with the aim of giving that underpinning knowledge to the readership, whether they are clinical dental technicians providing a set of full dentures to the patient without prescription from the dentist, or a dental nurse assisting the dentist at the chair side.
The depth of knowledge required to be understood in each chapter will vary between the DCP groups, in line with their specific curricular requirements, and all readers are advised to ensure that they follow the text in line with those requirements. However, it is hoped that the text is written in such a way as to generate a thirst for further knowledge among at least some of the readership.
The basics of biology are covered in the first chapter, along with information on disease processes and anatomical nomenclature. The four main body systems are then covered in the following chapters, including dentally relevant medical conditions of those systems, along with information on the types of medication that sufferers are likely to be prescribed. It is hoped that the inclusion of this information will enable readers to better understand the significance of various medical conditions and medications that patients often record in their medical histories.

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