Basic Clinical Anesthesia PDF

Basic Clinical Anesthesia PDF

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Basic Clinical Anesthesia is designed as an all-in-one resource for medical students, residents, and practitioners who seek comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of fundamental information and core clinical topics in anesthesiology. The book comprises 57 chapters organized into five parts and addresses ambulatory and non-operating room anesthesia, pain management and regional anesthesia, preoperative evaluation and intraoperative management, specialty anesthesia, and critical care. It encompasses the full range of anesthetic knowledge from clinically relevant basic science including system physiology and pharmacology to the anesthetic management of very sick patients. Experts have written each chapter to enable new and seasoned anesthesia practitioners alike to keep abreast of the latest information.
A great effort has been made to present information in a succinct and easy-to-read style, and numerous tables and color images and illustrations enhance the text. Multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter allow readers to test themselves and quickly review important facts.
We are pleased to present this brand new textbook and hope that it proves useful to anesthesiology residents, practitioners, and medical students as a core text, a clinical refresher, and/or an examination preparation tool. The editors gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the chapter authors and the editorial staff at Springer Science+Business Media. We welcome readers’ constructive suggestions to improve the book in future editions and can be reached at the email below.

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