Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy 3rd Edition PDF

Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy 3rd Edition PDF

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Why a new edition of the Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy? After all, the structures of the brain have not changed since the last edition. However, our knowledge concerning the functional aspects of the brain has certainly increased, and this has led to a revised understanding of the brain and its structures.
The atlas is primarily a teaching book—for medical students, non-neurology residents, and all the other health professionals who need a solid understanding of the brain—in order to help patients who have neurological problems. As a result of our better understanding of brain function, the emphasis on what is needed in practice has certainly changed. At the same time we have witnessed a decrease in the amount of time devoted to this subject matter in the curriculum. And, above all, the way students now approach learning has undergone a transformation, if not a total revolution.
This new edition has given us the opportunity to reorganize the material so that the learner can progress in a more sequential manner to acquire the knowledge of the subject matter. New material was added to explain the visual system, the meninges, and the venous system, as well as the limbic system. Many illustrations have been enhanced and improved. In all, there has been an increase of about 10% in the number of illustrations. There has also been a substantial increase in the number of neuroradiological images because this is the way neuroanatomy is “seen” in the clinical setting.
The format is the same as before, with each illustration accompanied by explanatory text. As before, there is a selective labeling
of structures, with the objective of understanding the functional brain, guided by the targeted audience for this atlas. The text accompanying each illustration has been re-thought and refreshed and kept as brief as warranted. There is extensive crossreferencing to other illustrations in the atlas. The Annotated Bibliography has been updated, and the Glossary has been retained.

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atlas of functional neuroanatomy 3rd edition pdf
atlas of functional neuroanatomy third edition
atlas of functional neuroanatomy third edition pdf