Aortic Stenosis Case Based Diagnosis and Therapy 1st Edition 2015 PDF

Aortic Stenosis Case Based Diagnosis and Therapy

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Ever since the earliest description of aortic stenosis by Riverius in 1646, aortic stenosis has become known as a common cause of morbidity and mortality. However, it was not until the twentieth century that the management of these patients included diagnosis via echocardiography, CTA and MRI, cardiac catheterization, and treatment via valvulplasty and surgical aortic valve replacement. Moreover, during the earliest part of the twenty-first century, transcatheter approaches have been described providing options for patients who were previously deemed as nonsurgical candidates.
This book is designed to provide a case-based overview of aortic stenosis including pathophysiology, presentation, diagnosis with both invasive and multimodality noninvasive techniques, and the approach to management options in the multidisciplinary setting. This book will provide an assessment of cases that appear to be complex in terms of determining the true severity of aortic stenosis as patients with low fl ow, higher gradients with nonsevere valve areas, as well as patients with prosthetic valves. In addition, it will provide a review of current available treatment options such as valvuloplasty, transcatheter, and surgical valve replacement techniques.

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