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Anesthesia Emergencies PDF

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Anesthesiology is unique among medical specialties, in that most anesthetics and surgical procedures are uneventful. Critical events can, however, occur without warning, are usually sudden, and may be life-threatening. Anesthesiologists must be ready to detect and manage unpredicted emergencies at any time.
The initial response to a critical event may determine its outcome. A recent study found that early recognition and effective management of complications were as important as their avoidance in improving mortality during surgery. 1 The use of checklists and established procedures, long an accepted practice in aviation, can help health care providers quickly establish a diagnosis and begin treatment. Anesthesia Emergencies can be used to prepare for emergencies that may occur in the future, and to deal with critical events as they happen.
Anesthesia Emergencies is written to help an anesthesia provider deal with common complications or unforeseen emergencies during the perioperative period. Chapters have been organized alphabetically, and each section within a chapter is arranged alphabetically by type of problem. Critical information has been highlighted. Each chapter contains one or more references to textbook chapters or review articles that will provide additional information.

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