Anatomy in Diagnostic Imaging 3rd Edition PDF

Anatomy in Diagnostic Imaging 3rd Edition PDF

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Almost 20 years have passed since the first edition of Anatomy in Diagnostic Imaging was published, and encouraged by the receipt of the second edition we felt it was time to prepare this third edition, maintaining the scope of the previous editions, as an all-round reference collection of fully interpreted normal images, addressing students as well as professional medical personnel working with diagnostic imaging.
We have made a special effort to elaborate on MR imaging of the major joints, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle imaged in two or three planes. A CT series of the skull has been added and the CT series of the brain has been replaced by a new series. The section on obstetric ultrasonography has been considerably expanded to cover all standard examinations performed during a normal pregnancy. Further, we have added an MR series of the orbit and a new series of the lumbar spine, and other images have been supplemented or replaced.
The introductory chapter has been revised and updated, still with the scope that it should be nothing more than an understandable introduction to the imaging techniques and principles presented in the book.

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