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Human Anatomy

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It is my pleasure to introduce the third edition of anand’s Human Anatomy for Dental students. However, since the time of first edition there have been significant changes in the understanding and perception of need based teaching methods.
The present edition of textbook is written according to the modern day need based teaching. The textbook presents with six sections. The initial part of first section deals with general anatomy, a must for laying foundation of body structure, chapter 4 is “organization of body”, gives a comprehensive overview of composition of body, its various parts with essentials of regional anatomy of limbs, thorax and abdomen.
Subsequent chapters till chapter no. 17 deals with systemic anatomy, i.e. anatomy of various systems of body with their clinical significance.
The section of Head and Neck is extensively covered and has more illustrations. The third section is “histology”, it has been modified and includes systematically written text and photographs of slides of each organ. The student will be able to understand the text and its functional relevance. Diagrammatic pictures corresponding to each slide have been given alongside for the students so that they can easily draw them.
The final sections include genetics, essentials of embryology and clinical radiological anatomy. General embryology has been given in detail and explains the basis of various developmental diseases.
The additional feature of book is that after every section review viva questions have been given for quick revision. The questions are designed to stimulate the students to correlate the subject and its clinical relevance and to help them prepare for examinations.
I am humbled by the immense popularity of the previous two editions and have strived further to provide the best to the students in this edition. I am open to any constructive suggestions and would welcome feedback by students for the same.

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