AMC Anthology of Medical Conditions PDF

AMC Anthology of Medical Conditions PDF

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“The AMC publication Anthology of Medical Conditions has been produced not only to assist International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to prepare for the AMC Examinations but also as an essential tool for clinical practice. The publication lists over 130 Clinical Presentations of clinical conditions and classifies them to assist in a problem-solving approach to diagnosis and management.
It is essential for all doctors to be familiar with the laws of the society in which they practise medicine and the ethics that underpin medical practice. It is also important to understand the organisational aspects of medicine in the Australian context. The Anthology of Medical Conditions contains a separate section dealing with these important issues, entitled Legal, Ethical and Organisational Aspects of the Practice of Medicine (LEO). The publication is enhanced throughout with medical illustrations. The publication is recommended for use in preparing for the AMC Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) and Clinical Examinations.”

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