Advanced Endodontics Clinical Retreatment and Surgery PDF

Advanced Endodontics Clinical Retreatment and Surgery PDF

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This book is intended for the general practitioner with a special interest in endodontics, students undergoing specialist training and specialists alike.
Endodontic retreatment poses many practical challenges. Advances in scientific knowledge and the integration of operating microscopes into endodontic practice have seen the possibilities for predictable endodontic treatment and retreatment expand dramatically.
Advanced Endodontics: Clinical Retreatment and Surgery describes many of the techniques and methods available for practitioners who wish to undertake the planning and treatment of complex endodontic retreatment.
The pages are copiously illustrated with high-quality photographs and case reports which are used to demonstrate practical non-surgical and surgical techniques. The text is referenced to provide a comprehensive but discreet source of scientific evidence, principles and further reading. Knowledge and theory are important in managing complex endodontic retreatment cases, but cannot be a substitute for essential practical and clinical experience. These skills need to be learned and practiced. Novices should always start with the simplest cases and never proceed beyond their confidence or skill level. Numerous practical courses are available for instruction on retreatment techniques and attendance on them can only be encouraged.

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