Acute Nephrology for the Critical Care Physician 2015th Edition

Acute Nephrology for the Critical Care Physician

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This book offers a comprehensive overview of acute nephrology-related problems as encountered by the critical care physician and provides practical commonsense guidance for the management of these challenging cases. In the intensive care unit, acute kidney injury generally occurs as part of multiple organ failure due to septic or cardiogenic shock, systemic inflammation, or following a major surgery. Once the damage is done, acute kidney injury increases the risk of long-term morbidity and mortality. Awareness of its development is therefore crucial. Intensivists have a central role in the field of critical care nephrology since they provide the bridge to consultation with the nephrologist. The critical care physician is primarily responsible for the prevention of AKI, for optimal protection of the kidneys during critical illness, and for its management. Therefore, early recognition and discrimination of the contributing factors are crucial skills, as is decision making regarding the prescription and delivery of high-quality renal replacement therapy. Although the latter is often performed in close collaboration with the nephrologist, the intensivist has the integrated knowledge of and the global responsibility for the patient and therefore can not delegate this role to the nephrologist. The critical care physician navigates the interaction of acute kidney impairment and its management with other failing organs and vice versa – the consequences of other organ failure on the development, treatment, and prognosis of the acute kidney injury. This book represents a comprehensive state-of-the-art overview of critical care nephrology and supplies the knowledge needed to manage the complexity of daily acute nephrology care.

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