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Spinal Disorders

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Table of Contents

1 Clinical Assessment of the Patient with Back Pain, 1
Philip Sell, Steve Longworth

2 Imaging of Spinal Disorders, 7
M.P. Caplan

3 The Paediatric Spine, 11
Alwyn Jones

4 The Cervical Spine, 14
Tim Germon

5 Back Pain, 19
Simon MacLean, Claire Chambers, Andrew Clarke

6 Sciatica, Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis, 22
Anthony T. Helm, R. O. Sundaram, Michael O’Malley

7 Tumours, Infection and Inflammation, 26
Rathan Yarlagadda, Daniel Chan

8 Whiplash, 31
Kate Prince, Andrew Clarke, Alwyn Jones

9 Osteoporosis and Osteoporotic Spinal Fractures, 34
John R. Andrews

10 Physiotherapy in Spinal Conditions, 39
Adrian Brown

11 Osteopathy, 43
Walter Llewellyn McKone

12 Chiropractic, 46
Richard Brown

13 Pain Management, 49
Darryl Johnston

14 Psychological Approaches to Managing Chronic Back Pain, 52
Elenor McLaren, Robert McLaren

Index, 57

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