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Smoking Cessation

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Table of Contents

1 The problem of tobacco smoking 1
Richard Edwards

2 Why people smoke 4
Martin J Jarvis

3 Assessment of dependence and motivation to stop smoking 7
Robert West

4 Use of simple advice and behavioural support 9
Tim Coleman

5 Nicotine replacement therapy 12
Andrew Molyneux

6 Bupropion and other non-nicotine pharmacotherapies 15
Elin Roddy

7 Special groups of smokers 18
Tim Coleman

8 Cessation interventions in routine health care 21
Tim Coleman

9 Setting up a cessation service 24
Penny Spice

10 Population strategies to prevent smoking 27
Konrad Jamrozik

11 Harm reduction 31
Ann McNeill

12 Economics of smoking cessation 34
Steve Parrott, Christine Godfrey

13 Policy priorities for tobacco control 37
Konrad Jamrozik

Index 41

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