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Table of Contents 

1 What is Epilepsy? Incidence, Prevalence and Aetiology, 1
W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C. Walker

2 Describing and Classifying the Condition, 4
Colin D. Ferrie and Matthew C. Walker

3 Making the Diagnosis – Taking a History, Clinical Examination, Investigations, 9
Jan Bagshaw, Matthew C. Walker, Colin D. Ferrie, Mike P. Kerr and W. Henry Smithson

4 Managing the Drug Treatment of Epilepsy, 14
Colin D. Ferrie, Mike P. Kerr, W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C. Walker

5 Non-drug Treatments Including Epilepsy Surgery, 18
Colin D. Ferrie, W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C. Walker

6 Prolonged or Repeated Seizures, 21
Matthew C. Walker

7 Special Groups – Women, Children, Learning Disability and the Elderly, 23
Jan Bagshaw, Colin D. Ferrie and Mike P. Kerr

8 Monitoring and Review – How to Manage the Condition Long Term, 27
Colin D. Ferrie, Alice Hanscomb and Mike P. Kerr

9 Living with Epilepsy – Information, Support and Self-Management, 30
Alice Hanscomb and W. Henry Smithson

Appendix: Epilepsy Charities, 34

Index, 35

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