ABC of Ear Nose And Throat 5th Edition PDF

Ear Nose And Throat

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Table of Contents

1 Pain in the Ear, 1
Harold Ludman

2 Discharge from the Ear, 6
Harold Ludman

3 Hearing Impairment and Tinnitus in Adults, 10
Harold Ludman

4 Adult Hearing Rehabilitation and Cochlear Implants, 16
Kevin Gibbin

5 Childhood Hearing Loss, 20
David Albert

6 Acoustic Neuromas and other Cerebello Pontine Angle Tumours, 25
Anthony Wright

7 Vertigo, 30
Harold Ludman

8 Facial Palsy, 34
Iain Swan

9 Paranasal Sinus Diseases and Infections, 37
Parag M Patel, Julian Rowe-Jones

10 Facial Pain, 45
Nick S Jones

11 Sore Throats, 50
William McKerrow, Patrick J Bradley

12 Breathing Disorders, 55
Vinidh Paleri, Patrick J Bradley

13 Swallowing Problems, 60
Vinidh Paleri, Patrick J Bradley

14 Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, 65
Anshul Sama

15 Hoarseness and Voice Problems, 71
Julian McGlashan, Declan Costello, Patrick J Bradley

16 Trauma, Injuries and Foreign Bodies, 78
Archana Vats, Antony Narula, Patrick J Bradley

17 Epistaxis, Catarrh, Glossodynia, Halitosis and Somatization, 83
Nick S Jones, Patrick J Bradley

18 Neck Swellings, 87
Shahed Quraishi, Patrick J Bradley

19 Head and Neck Cancer, 93
Patrick J Bradley

Index, 103

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