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Table of Contents

1 Definition, Epidemiology and Risk Factors, 1
Graham S. Devereux

2 Pathology and Pathogenesis, 6
William MacNee

3 Diagnosis, 12
Graeme P. Currie and Mahendran Chetty

4 Spirometry, 17
David Bellamy

5 Smoking Cessation, 22
John Britton

6 Non-pharmacological Management, 26
Graeme P. Currie and Graham Douglas

7 Pharmacological Management (I) – Inhaled Treatment, 32
Graeme P. Currie and Brian J. Lipworth

8 Pharmacological Management (II) – Oral Treatment, 38
Graeme P. Currie and Brian J. Lipworth

9 Inhalers, 43
Graeme P. Currie and Graham Douglas

10 Oxygen, 49
Graham Douglas and Graeme P. Currie

11 Exacerbations, 53
Graeme P. Currie and Jadwiga A. Wedzicha

12 Non-invasive Ventilation, 59
Paul K. Plant and Graeme P. Currie

13 Primary Care, 64
Cathy Jackson

14 Death, Dying and End-of-Life Issues, 68
Gordon Linklater

15 Future Treatments, 72
Peter J. Barnes

Index, 77

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