ABC of Clinical Electrocardiography 2nd Edition PDF

Clinical Electrocardiography

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction. I–Leads, Rate, Rhythm and Cardiac Axis, 1
Steve Meek, Francis Morris

2 Introduction. II–Basic Terminology, 5
Steve Meek, Francis Morris

3 Bradycardias and Atrioventricular Conduction Block, 9
David Da Costa, William J Brady, June Edhouse

4 Atrial Arrhythmias, 14
Steve Goodacre, Richard Irons

5 Junctional Tachycardias, 18
Demas Esberger, Sallyann Jones, Francis Morris

6 Broad Complex Tachycardia–Part I, 23
June Edhouse, Francis Morris

7 Broad Complex Tachycardia–Part II, 27
June Edhouse, Francis Morris

8 Acute Myocardial Infarction–Part I, 32
Francis Morris, William J Brady

9 Acute Myocardial Infarction–Part II, 37
June Edhouse, William J Brady, Francis Morris

10 Myocardial Ischaemia, 41
Kevin Channer, Francis Morris

11 Exercise Tolerance Testing, 46
Jonathan Hill, Adam Timmis

12 Conditions Affecting the Right Side of the Heart, 51
Richard A Harrigan, Kevin Jones

13 Conditions Affecting the Left Side of the Heart, 56
June Edhouse, R K Thakur, Jihad M Khalil

14 Conditions not Primarily Affecting the Heart, 60
Corey Slovis, Richard Jenkins

15 Paediatric Electrocardiography, 64
Steve Goodacre, Karen McLeod

16 Cardiac Arrest Rhythms, 69
Robert French, Daniel DeBehnke, Stephen Hawes

17 Pacemakers and Electrocardiography, 75
Richard Harper, Francis Morris

18 Pericarditis, Myocarditis, Drug Effects, and Congenital Heart Disease, 80
Chris A Ghammaghami, Jennifer H Lindsey

Self Assessment Quiz, 85
Index, 97

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