500 Review Questions for the MCAT – Behavioral Sciences PDF

500 Review Questions for the MCAT

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500 Ways to Achieve Your Highest ScoreWe want you to succeed on the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section of the MCAT. This book has been organized to familiarize you with the psychological theories covered by the exam. The book’s extensive reading passages emphasize the biological, social, and environmental influences that shape human health, making them an invaluable aid in reviewing the concepts tested by the MCAT. The 500 questions that follow these passages will help you study more effectively, use your review time wisely, and get your best score. You can use these questions to supplement your overall MCAT preparation or run them all shortly before the test. Either way, 500 Review Questions for the MCAT will get you closer to achieving the score you want.

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