50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology PDF

50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology PDF

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Present-day cardiology is replete with a bewildering array of sophisticated investigative techniques, that have eclipsed the art of arriving at a diagnosis on the bedside of the patient. Yet, a relevant medical history and a meticulous physical examination are indispensable tools to mentally construct a plausible clinical diagnosis. Further, simple but informative investigations such as electrocardiography (ECG), chest radiography (X-ray) and echocardiography (ECHO), have withstood the test of time in clinical cardiology. Moreover, they are cost-effective in resource-sensitive settings and can be performed at the patient’s bedside.
It gives me immense pleasure to proudly present 50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology: A Problem Solving Approach, a compilation of real-world situations in clinical cardiology. Each case is introduced with a brief history and findings on physical examination. The clinical problem is then discussed analytically and ultimately solved with the aid of one or more simple bedside investigations. The case concludes with pertinent management issues along with some recent advances in diagnostics and therapeutics pertaining to that clinical entity. The text is suitably complemented by impressive illustrations of ECG strips, chest X-rays and ECHO images.

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