100 Cases in Psychiatry PDF

100 Cases in Psychiatry PDF

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Mental health problems are not confined to psychiatric services. It is now well established that significant mental health problems occur across all disciplines, in all settings and at all ages. Doctors need to be equipped to recognise these difficulties, treat them where appropriate and refer on as is necessary. All doctors need the knowledge and experience to sensitively enquire about such difficulties, to avoid the risk of problems going untreated.
This book provides clinical scenarios that allow the reader to explore the limits of their knowledge and understanding, and inform their learning. They do not provide an alternative to meeting real people and their families first hand, which we would thoroughly encourage. People with psychiatric illnesses should not be a source of fear or stigma. These scenarios provide a vehicle where students and junior doctors can build their confidence in assessment and management. They are written in a way that encourages the reader to ask more questions, and seek the solutions to those questions. We hope that this book compliments and adds an additional dimension to learning.

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