100 Cases for Medical Data Interpretation PDF

100 Cases for Medical Data Interpretation PDF

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Part of the enduring fascination of medicine is the mental agility needed in clinical problem solving. It is a truism—but worth repeating—that no two patients are identical. But, it is equally true that there are patterns which are sufficiently consistent to enable us to make a diagnosis and start treatment. This book is about learning to recognise those patterns. Nicki Gainsborough and David Howlett are two of the most inspirational clinical teachers I have had the privilege to work with, and in this book they have put together a compendium of common and important clinical syndromes to help students recognise problems and what to do about them. One of the things that I particularly like is that the text goes beyond simply giving the right diagnosis and explains the underlying physiology and pathology behind each case. I am sure that this is critical: most students say that trying to simply memorise huge numbers of facts is a lost cause; understanding why a patient presents in a particular way is not only why medicine is so interesting but also helps to cement the information in one’s memory. Oscar Wilde wrote that “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes”. This book will not substitute for experience but it will reduce the number of mistakes that are made as you accumulate your personal experience.

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